Matrix Fins - Unbelievable Performance!    (read these testimonials by satisfied customers...)

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Bulletproof Construction

These advanced Glass Fiber Composite fins are manufactured using premium materials and craftsmanship, resulting in a structure which is nearly as light as carbon fiber but has a much higher ability to absorb energy. 

The result - Similar performance to Carbon Fiber (light weight, high modulus of elasticity) but highly resistant to impact.  Exclusively used by many current spearfishing champions, these fins were used by the top competitors at every U.S. National Championships since 2002.

Customizable Stiffness

The Matrix fins are available in five standard stiffnesses, or you can order a specific stiffness.












Extra Stiff  

Do not be tempted into selecting stiffer blades because of your experience with other products.  Our most popular blades are the No. 3 stiffness.  These fins are very efficient.  Softer blades are very effective and conserve energy.

"You won't believe the thrust of these fins!!!"

Dennis Haussler, two-time IBSRC Bluewater Individual World Champion



"They perform like carbon fiber, but they're virtually unbreakable..."

Paul Verveniotis, two-time U.S. National Freedive Spearfishing Team Champion

2004 - Team USA Womens World - Chile


The blades can be installed in most  foot pockets which uses removable blades, using either one or two-screw installations.  The blades also include elastomeric edging for abrasion protection and improved channeling.

Color: Black


We have some sporasub pockets in stock, but they are no longer being made.

We also can get Omer or Picasso pockets, and keep some in stock. 
C all for info on pockets.

Sizes: 38-40 / 40-42 / 42-44 / 44-46 / 46-48

Pricing is much less than any carbon fin on the market; they perform just as well, and are MUCH more resistant to breakage.

Unmatched Warranty

We are so confident of these fins that we offer a one-year warranty covering breakage under normal usage.