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The 2013 La Paz World Cup is coming...


EDGE - Now I could give you all kinds of talk about technopolymers, space age technology, the latest in material design, super secret formula, etc, but what I will tell you is these fins have proven themselves out for the last 4 yrs, in waters all over the world, and have shown to be extremely responsive, right next to carbon fiber.

DiveR - These are glass blades made by Ray Powell, one of the top divers in Australia.  DiveR blades were designed for deep work, and hands down they are the best blades I have ever used!

XXoneAfter much experimentation and even more tests, it’s now available. Made from pure carbon fiber and with a revolutionary inner design construction it’s here to set new standards in blade performance. Available in black or Mimetic colors. 

I used to have a testimonial page on this site, but I believe the best testimony is word of mouth.

That said, if you don’t know anyone using Edge, Matrix, or DiveR, then email me and I will put you onto someone close to you.

All these fins have been tested, used and proven by everyone from national champions, to weekend warriors. Guys like national champs John Murphy, Alan Spehar, Mike McGuire, Glen McGuire, to Florida legend GR Tarr, Mark Healey, Craig Classen, Steve Bennett (see his story here), Brandi Easter, Janis Smith, Bonnie Row, BIll Macintyre, John Hughes, Dan Magone in Dutch Harbor AK, Keith Love in TX, TIm Hatler in BCS Mexico, Guam, Japan, all over the world. These fins have been widely received as some of the best fins in the world.

Take a look at the video here on how tough these blades are! I dare anyone to do that with carbon fiber fins.

 With high test durability, platinum customer service, high performance, and the bottom end of the price spectrum for fins of this caliber, 20 Fathoms fins speak for themselves.

They are built by Champions, for champions.

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