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The 2013 La Paz World Cup is coming...

XXone Anax Fins

Xxone The “King” of carbon fiber blades is called the ANAX. After much experimentation and even more tests, it’s now available. Made from pure carbon fiber and with a revolutionary inner design construction it’s here to set new standards in blade performance. Available in black or Mimetic colors.


our love for the sea, unending!!!... Two of its beloved friends, Giannis Halas, (swimming champion and coach as well as spearfishing athlete) and Tasos Halaris, (spearfishing athlete with many participations in Greek and international competitions since 1993 and free diving instructor CMAS**), decided to work together and create something unique. The passion for occupation with freediving equipment was born..


Blades only 380$

Full fins: 490$



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