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The 2013 La Paz World Cup is coming...

I want to give a little background about how this meet came about, so heres some history on me.
Here are some of the titles and events that got me to this place:

2009 US national and team champion
2007 US national and team champion
2004 Team USA - 7th Place at World
  Championships (Chile)
2004 Pacific Coast Champion
2002 U.S. National Vice Champion Team
2002 Pacific Coast Champion 2000 Individual National Champion
2000 National Individual and Team Champion
2000 USOA Amateur Athlete of the Year
1999 Pacific Coast Champion Team
1998 CenCal Top Diver of the Year
1999 and 2000 IBSRC World Cup Champion La Paz Mexico 

So, after all this, I got tired of people asking me how much you win for one of these titles. I told them, nothing, zip. You get recognition, sometimes sponsorship, but no dinero, no money.

I worked with Andrea Tomba to design and start the World Cup Invitational with the goal of promoting what we do as freedive, Bluewater hunters. To try and get some recognition, of how hard we work, the skill and talent necessary to stalk, spear, and land a large pelagic game fish, and to try and change the game to a CASH purse.

PCC Champion

Tres Hombres

We  work to help the local community of La Ventana, by donating money raised to the local school construction fund. Tim Hatler at Palapas Ventana has stepped up to the plate to take on the logistics seaside for the meet, and along with his staff, has done an exemplary job of making this a world class event.

My goal is to continue to build this meet into THE event of the year, and to work at attracting a mix of world level divers, newcomers, and recreational spearos.

We have been hitting that mix, and please don't take me wrong.
I realize all too well that some of the really talented divers are not competitors. But, this meet gives them the chance to mix with others, tell story, compare gear and techniques, and generally enjoy themselves for 5 days, while everything is taken care of for them. No need to cook, clean, fillet... just dive, eat, drink and sleep. Then repeat!!!

This has turned into a great venue for gathering, not only with the divers, but the captains also, and a chance to win some serious money.

Heres to creating the Bisbee of the spearfishing world!!!!! 

Dennis Haussler

The hook and line world has the Bisbee marlin tournament in Cabo and other venues. These meets often pay several million dollars for the winning fish, and need I remind you that these guys are standing on the deck of a 2 million dollar sport fisher, with a crew to assist landing a large game fish.

We, on the other hand, are on breath hold, must stalk, spear, and land the fish totally by ourselves, with no outside assistance, or exiting the water until the fish is subdued.

So with that goal in mind, I started the promotion of the first World Cup. Drawing on my contacts from around the world, we had an excellent turnout the first year, and even with the bad weather, managed to land some nice fish.

Now, going on the 3rd year, I expect a great turnout of some of the top divers in the world, and outstanding fishing in an area known for its world record fish.
AND, THE WINNER GETS MONEY, CASH, DINERO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Along with a beautiful trophy, and his or her name on the perpetual trophy.  We also have an incredible prize table, with some of the best gear made on display to try out if you like. 

Good Pargo

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