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DiveR Fins

These are glass blades made by Ray Powell, one of the top divers in Australia. DiveR blades were designed for deep work, and hands down they are the best blades I have ever used! Don;t be fooled in thinking theyre not applicable for other than deep work, I use these in all my diving, from northern california, to baja and beyond, and find they perform brilliantly on the surface, as well as at depth. Due to the advanced angle in these blades, surface kicking is much easier. They are a bit longer, coming in at 34 1/2 inches long, blades only.



The composition of these blades makes them almost indestructable under normal use and abuse, and they come with a 2 yr warranty on material failure. What that means, if you stick them in the swim step then jump off the boat, they'll probably break!

Price Blades Only:

Glass $375
Carbon $475
Carbon Inegra $595


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