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Bonnie Row Memorial Page

RIP Bonnie Row 1948-2008

Bonnie left us on the 23rd of october 2008, after a brilliant battle with cancer. I have watched several people get taken by this disease, and Bonnie exihibited a grace and beauty that I have never seen. She failed to accept the standards as to what happens when you have cancer, and would bounce back from operations and chemo, to head for the beach, sail her boat, or hike thru the hills, soaking in the beauty of life with every ounce of her being. Bonnie was known thruout the world, both as a talented diver and spearo, but also as a wonderful friend, with a huge extended family from several countries. I had the pleasure to dive with her, and travel a bit, sharing the passion we both loved.

Probably my most memorable time with her was in Chile, were she represented the USA in the first Womens Worlds Chamionship. We were all staying at a small hotel downtown, Rene Rojas, Bob Humphrey, Dave Edlunds, Glen and Mike McGuire, Bill Ernst,Janis Smith, Anne Doherty, Brandi Easter, all of us, and I remember throwing her 56th birthday party, taking over the hotel kitchen, cooking fresh fish and drinking wine with everyone pitching in.

The Kiwis, and a few other divers showed up, and we had the best time, telling story, laughing and enjoying the diversity that was there. I think thats what Bonnie treasured most, her friends. She was a loving person, talented diver, but most of all,,,,, she was my friend. I will miss her deeply.

Dennis Haussler


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