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The 2013 La Paz World Cup is coming...


20Fathoms was founded to provide top quality merchandise to the worldwide freedive spearfishing community.  The current market offers many choices for equipment, and most users cannot try them all and make educated decisions. 


The equipment we offer meets the following criteria:

  • The equipment is manufactured using top quality materials and workmanship.

  • We have personally used this equipment and have found it to perform well at all levels, from beginner to champion competitor.

  • It provides exceptional value.

  • We can sell the product at the lowest prices available anywhere.  Our own products are available nowhere else.

We are continually adding new products to our line and welcome inquiries from name brand and OEM manufacturers.


I want to thanks Paul Verveniotis for his help in designing and development of these products. His talents and support were invaluable for the success of 




Dennis Haussler

About Dennis...


Dennis began diving at the age of 11. He became serious about freediving and competition spearfishing in 1992. 

He is an avid bluewater hunter and enjoys diving and spearfishing all over the world. He is also the designer and promoter of the World cup invitational.

Freedive spearfishing accomplishments:

     2009 US national and team champion
     2007 US national and team champion
     2004 Team USA - 7th Place at World Championships (Chile)
     2004 Pacific Coast Champion
     2002 U.S. National Vice Champion Team
     2002 Pacific Coast Champion 2000 Individual National Champion
     2000 National Individual and Team Champion
     2000 USOA Amateur Athlete of the Year
     1999 Pacific Coast Champion Team
     1998 CenCal Top Diver of the Year
     1999 and 2000 IBSRC World Cup Champion La Paz Mexico 



You can Email your order request to: or call 650-400-2631 to place your order.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or comments you may have:  

Dennis Haussler
650-400-2631 Cell




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