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The 2013 La Paz World Cup is coming...

2010 National Spearfishing Championships Results


After 6 yrs of waiting, I finally got my wish. Competing in the USA nationals with the infamous McGuire brothers, Glen and Mike. Mike and I are on the Churchill trophy already, from our win in 2007, but I never thought I would get the chance to have Glen onboard again.  Click here for the full results and the rest of the story..


EDGE  - Now I could give you all kinds of talk about technopolymers, space age technology, the latest in material design, super secret formula, etc, but what I will tell you is these fins have proven themselves out for the last 4 yrs, in waters all over the world, and have shown to be extremely responsive, right next to carbon fiber.  

DiveR - These are glass blades made by Ray Powell, one of the top divers in Australia.  DiveR blades were designed for deep work, and hands down they are the best blades I have ever used!

XXoneAfter much experimentation and even more tests, it’s now available. Made from pure carbon fiber and with a revolutionary inner design construction it’s here to set new standards in blade performance. Available in black or Mimetic colors. 

 If you have questions regarding the different fins, please feel free to contact me, and I can help you decide what works best for you, performance wise, and dollar wise. From Dutch Harbor to Tokyo, Baja to Australia, 20Fathoms fins have proven themselves to be winners! Fins for champions, by champions!

Photo by Dave Forcucci


20Fathoms was started, after being introduced to what I thought were the best fins in the world. I was attending the IBSRC World Cup in baja, when the noted surgeon and bluewater hunter from Greece, Andreas Agothos, showed up with what turned out to be the future Matrix fin.

We tried them in the pool, then he beat them over the rock edge of the swimming pool, and showed they were virtually indestructible! Well, that was the beginning of the Matrix fins in the USA, and later development of the Edge fins. After years of testing and sales, they have proven to be some of the most durable, affordable, hi performance fins on the market, and at 20Fathoms, platinum customer service is the norm, not the exception.


The equipment we offer meets the following criteria:eets the following criteria:

  • The equipment is manufactured using top quality materials and workmanship.

  • We have personally used this equipment and have found it to perform well at all levels, from beginner to champion competitor.

  • It provides exceptional value.

  • We can sell the product at the lowest prices available anywhere.  Our own products are available nowhere else.


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